Red Cedar Observatory

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Red Cedar Observatory

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We're specialists in the design and installation of garden decking - so no matter what your requirements are, we can design a solution that will work for you and install it with the care and attention to detail that guarantees it will serve you for years to come.

Garden Buildings

The culmination of more than two years of research and development, our garden offices are designed to outperform everything else in their class.  Created for any purpose and in any size, we design and build each project to our clients' exact requirements.


Knot Only Wood have vast experience with designing, laying & maintaining patios of all shapes and sizes. Whether your project is a small patio or pathway, or a large commercial forecourt, we have all the knowledge and expertise to ensure that it looks beautiful for many years to come.


About Me

A Passion for Detail

I started my Carpenter career in 2010 to give the local community of Dorking and surrounding areas access to beautiful, handmade items. What began as building something out of necessity, grew into a full-time business specializing in custom handcrafted goods. Artistry isn’t just the execution and production of new pieces, it’s also making sure each one is unique and looks beautiful wherever it’ll be displayed. Contact me to learn more about how we can work together.



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"I have nothing but good things to say they are very good!"

Robert Gooding