Knot Only Wood have vast experience with designing, laying & maintaining patios of all shapes and sizes. Whether your project is a small patio or pathway, or a large commercial forecourt, we have all the knowledge and expertise to ensure that it looks beautiful for many years to come.



If you're thinking of changing your driveway surface, extending or installing a new driveway, it's vital that you speak to experienced hard landscapers - there are two key areas that you must get right in order to ensure your driveway goes the distance:

 - Substrate - remember that your driveway needs to support the weight of vehicles, with modern cars and vans often weighing several tonnes.  It's therefore imperative that what is underneath your driveway is able to take those loads.... and so often we've seen "cowboy" installations that can't.  Before we lay anything, we will check your existing substrate to ensure it is strong enough to provide proper support to the new surface; it's much better to know at the outset than shoulder costly remediation works later!

 - Permeability - building regulations in many areas (including Surrey) now require that driveways are constructed from permeable material in order to allow rainwater run-off to soak away harmlessly rather than contributing to localised flooding.  We only use permeable materials (including any substrates) so you can be sure your new driveway will meet or exceed regulations.

With Knot Only Wood you can be sure that we know what we're doing. We have years of experience and all the driveways we've installed continue to perform to this day.  We won't compromise, so you can be sure that the value of your property will be enhanced and maintained by your beautiful new driveway.

Whilst the majority of our driveways are traditional block paving, we are also able to work with other types of surface including gravel and cobbles.  We shy away from concrete owing to its lack of permeability, but have been known to extend existing concrete driveways.  We do not lay tarmac however!


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